Saturday, June 23, 2007

Good enough.

It is now the end of Saturday and I accomplished enough time, thought and energy to crank out nine articles for AC this week. I think that's a great thing for a busy mom of three girls, who are very busy little people. It shows promise.

As for my book, I have completed 10 chapters and will work on chapter 11 (and hopfeully more) in the upcoming new week. It is going very well. The characters seem to have taken over the story completely. It's very fun to feel completely intranced by the storyline and it's characters. I'm loving the process and feeling shocked at how smoothly the story is flowing. The book is at a pivotable point, so I'm having to think hard about how I want the second half of the story to continue. I know how it will end, and I love the last sentence that I will use, but I need to get the characters from where they are at the end of chapter 10 to where they will be at the end of this first book of the series.

I think that I am torturing my poor friend, Shannon, by making her wait so long for the next chapter. LOL! That's ok though, because she will forgive me once the next chapter is waiting in her email inbox. LOL!

I'm still hoping to have the book completed by Fall, and it seems to be an easily obtainable goal if the story continues to go as it has been. I'm seriously amazed with the way that the story's characters have drawn me in. You would think, that as the author, I would already know how each chapter would go, but that's not true. I start out with an idea at the beginning of each chapter and then it just goes from there. Sometimes the chapter ends up being something completely different than I thought it would be. That's ok though. They are always better than I had hoped they would be.

Ok enough rambling. I'm off to bed and hoping for a more peaceful night than I had last night. Of course I'm sure that as soon as I start to fall asleep something great will pop into my head and I'll have to get up and write it down before I forget it. LOL. Oh well, the life of a writer!

Have a good night and may you all have wonderful dreams. :-)

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