Saturday, July 15, 2017

The Trials of a Book Series

So, I've come to realize that picking up a series after two years leaves a massive need to reread all the books that came before. I'm working on book 7 in the Liz Baker series and realized I've forgotten a lot of the small details. I have a character database, but apparently I wasn't as detailed as I should have been. Not to mention, all the plots and subplots that are still working their way through the series. EEK!

I sat down and went through my notes on each book, but those aren't as helpful as you'd think since a lot time my stories take their own twists and turns... away from my notes. I'm really going to have to sit down, starting with book 1, and go through each on making new notes of what came before. I'd hate to disappoint readers by contradicting what was said in one book, or by not tying up loose ends before the series is over. And I certainly don't want to change the descriptions of all the hotties in those books. Heck no!

And here's where you guys come in.....

If you saw a plot or subplot in one of the books that you feel hasn't already been addressed or finished, please, let me know. If there's a character you'd like to see more of, of possibly know more about, let me know. Email me, message me on Facebook, or leave a comment here. One way or another I'll see your message and see what I can do about addressing you suggestion. In the meantime, I'm going back to the previous books to see what I can dig up. And maybe a better database is in order in case this problem arises again.  :D

Friday, July 7, 2017

Too Much Rain

Image from Ekaterina Boym-Medler
I don't about where you live, but we've had so much rain lately in North Georgia that I feel like I'm going to float away. I've screamed in frustration and huffed in desperation several times over the last few weeks. The many acres of land we have needs to be mowed and trimmed. The chicken yard is so muddy and gross, and needs a new layer of dry leaves for the hens to enjoy, but I can't do it with all the rain. The water level in our pool is maxed out due to all the rain, and boy is it hard to keep clean when it it storms twenty minutes after I've shocked it (in hopes of swimming the next day). I've literally been in my pool ONE TIME since we opened it in May. UGH!

This past weekend I got 5 days off from the day job due to Independence Day and my hubby got 3 days off. It... Rained... Every... Freaking... Day!!!  We mowed a lot of sopping wet grass over several days. A task that usually takes us 1 day when we do it together.

And to beat it all, it'll be bright and sunny during the hours of 9am & 1-2pm, but as soon as I'm supposed to get off work at 2:30pm the skies open up and it rains the rest of the day. However, today I'm off work, but had to take my car for an oil change. I woke up to a nasty rainstorm, drove to and from my oil change in light showers, came home to spend some time with the hubby before he went to bed for the day (he's a night shifter...YUCK!), and now it's bright and sunny out there. *FacePalm*

Can you hear the frustration in my words? I certainly feel it.

Screw it... I'm going to go do some writing! That always makes me happy.

I hope you're all staying dry and enjoying your summer. :)