Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My Apologies...

Wow, it's already Wednesday evening and I haven't posted on here since Sunday. I do sincerely apologize to all of my loyal readers out there. I hope that you will forgive me. :-)

It has been a busy week and it's only Hump Day. I've dealt with all of the normal wife and mommy duties that pile up on me everyday, but I've also been working on my NaNoWriMo novel--which is subsequently also Book Two to my Fiona & Alex series. There's a wedding in the works and then everything erupts into craziness. This will be a great "episode" to their lives together.

If you haven't already purchased your own copy of Book One: A Midnight Infatuation, then you better jump on it. You'll want to read it before reading Book Two: A Birth at Dawn. They will fit together like a great pair of gloves. :-)

Speaking of Book Two, I am quickly coming up on 10,000 words of the 50,000 I'm aiming for by the end of November. I'm about 1,000 words behind the daily average for seven days into the contest, but I'll make up for that plus some if tomorrow I have as great a writing day as I did today. This is certainly an interesting and exciting contest. I keep looking at my word count over and over again. I have to remind myself to STOP and just write.

Oh and don't let me get started on the editing. NaNoWriMo is only for writing. You should waste your time editing or rewriting. You're suppose to write and only write--editing is for after the contest is over. Unfortunately, it is very hard to NOT edit as you're writing. I've already taken out particular scenes and then had to remind myself not to do that anymore. Editing is for December. Editing is for December. Say it with me, editing is for December! LOL!

Alrighty then, dinner is done, the kids need to eat and take baths, the hubby will be home from work in a few minutes and I'm the only person who can pull everything together... apparently. Soooo, I will go now and get busy and hopefully I can finish up some more writing after the girls go to bed later.

Have a great evening!

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