Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sleeping children....

What is it about a sleeping child that makes them seem so sweet and innocent? How about a sleeping puppy? Is it the expressionless face that isn't screaming and crying because they can't have a piece of cheese (because there is no more cheese in the fridge)? Or is it that they are quiet and you can finally stand back and enjoy your little one without a headache? LOL!

I've discovered that children and puppies are similar when they are sleeping. They aren't making a sound, they aren't tearing things up, they aren't demanding your undying attention and they just look peaceful and QUIET!

Our puppy is about 5 months old (we don't know for sure because he was a stray) and he's slowing going into his "terrible twos". Combine him with a human toddler, throw in an 11 yr old and a 7yr old, and watch my house explode with chaos. Then in walks daddy after a long day of work and an hour's drive home, while you're trying to cook dinner, making sure the older girls have their homework done, yelling for the dog to get down off the kitchen table and listening to the toddler letting you know (very loudly) that her favorite tv show went off. Then, you proceed to give the daddy your infamous look from hell when he asks what's for dinner.

Well, that's how most of my evenings turn out. After dinner, it's a rush to get everyone bathed and clothes laid out for the next day. Bedtimes for the kids start at 7pm and run up to 9pm. Finally, at 9pm you are child-free... only to realize that you're too tired to watch tv, read a book, edit your own book, or show any interest in the hubby whatsoever.

The bed is calling your name and your contacts are blurring from exhaustion. You crawl into bed, find just that perfect, confortable spot and then the hubby starts poking at you. You know what he wants, but you're too damn tired for his bullshit. So what do you do?

I tell him to screw off and I go to sleep! LOL! The poor, deprived man. LOL!

Anyway, what was I talk about? Oh yes, sleeping children and puppies. Yes, when they are sleeping they are peaceful and quiet. When they are sleeping YOU can sleep. When they are sleeping you can actually think straight... unless you're too tired by the time they go to sleep. LOL!

Ok, ok, I know. This entry is nothing but my rambling. But, I have to ramble somewhere. LOL! I promise tomorrow's entry will be a little more interesting. Tomorrow will be my Thursday's Thirteen post and the theme will be "13 Things That I DO". So check back tomorrow and see if I do anything interesting. LOL!