Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Went shopping...

Today was a special shopping day for me. I went to bed last night with the idea that I was going to go spend some money on myself today. And that's exactly what I did this morning.

I received some Christmas money last month and didn't get to use it on myself, so I took the money I earned from a paying gig and spent that on myself. I purchased a new top, some phone time (I use a GoPhone because I can't justify the expense of a "regular" cell phone plan), and then I purchased a lot of low point food goodies for myself.

For anyone who knows me personally, they know that I've been doing the Weight Watchers Flex Plan ever since my youngest daughter was born. I've lost 103lbs with that plan. Well, over the holidays I decided to forego the plan and just enjoy (read: indulge) myself. But, now that the new year has begun I'm right back on plan and I needed some fresh goodies and snacks for myself.

It was weird being off plan for two months. After all this time being on the program my body is just use to eating less food than the normal person. I was sooooo sick over Thanksgiving and Christmas just from eating too much food. I would go to bed feeling awful and wishing that I hadn't eaten so much.

Now that I'm back on plan I feel so much better. More energy during the day (and night *wink, wink*) and I'm not feeling so BLAH.

But, with eating healthier you have to make sure that you stock healthy foods. I hate when I run out of MY foods and have to eat the foods that DH & the kids eat. Makes me feel awful. And I'll not even start on going out for lunch with the in-laws every Sunday. UGH!

So, I bought myself a new top and some low calorie/points goodies. Oh and I ran by the video store and rented a movie that I want to watch. DH has already said he doesn't want to watch it, so it's for ME.

I bought my first package of tofu today also. I've always wanted to try it, but DH absolutely refuses to try it, so I've never bought any. Well, today I did. AND I plan on trying it out. I've already told the girls about it and they seem interested in trying tofu also. So we'll see how that goes. You never know, I may end up sneaking some in on DH one day and we find out that he likes it too. LOL!

Ok, I guess that's all for today. Stay tuned tomorrow for my Thursday's Thirteen topic, "13 Things I Don't..."

Until then, have a great Hump Day! :-)

P.S. Oh, if anyone wants to see my before and after pics, there is a link on the left column (down a little ways) that says How I Lost 103lbs. Just click it and it will take you to my interview with :-)