Friday, March 28, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - On Friday!

Gosh, I can't beleive I forgot to do this yesterday. I thought about it for about a split second around noon and then that was it. LOL. I was driving through town doing my errands this morning when it hit me that I'd forgotten it. LOL Oh well, here it is today.

13 Movies in my new Netflix queue

1. Last Holiday
2. Becoming Jane
3. Season 1 of The Tudors (4 discs in this one)
4. Dragon Wars
5. Alvin and the Chipmunks (comes out next Tuesday)
6. The Reaping
7. Death at a Funeral
8. Saw IV
9. Music & Lyrics
10. Vacancy
11. The Mist
12. August Rush
13. Dracula II: Ascension

I got mad at my local video store yesterday for not having what I wanted, so when I came home I jumped onto the Netflix train. I spent the better part of yesterday evening going through the many DVDs available on Netflix so that I could fill my queue to the brim. I WILL get my money's worth out of this subscription. LOL!

So if anyone has movie suggestions for good movies you've recently watched, I'd love to hear them. Never hurts to add more DVDs to the 65 that are already sitting in line to be watched. LOL!

Ok, I'm off. I hope that you have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend. :-)


  1. Interesting list! I look forward to your reviews. I'm getting ready to watch The Mist - I hope it's good. :-)

  2. Hello my Friend,
    Sounds like good movie choices to me...Just wanted to pop in and say hello to a friend..( did you get and Easter Card??)