Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Today is day three of a headache. I've been plagued with headaches and migraines for as long as I can remember. They have gotten further apart in frequency over the years, but it's still a battle when one shows up.

Having a headache for one day is no big deal. It's a minor annoyance. Day two is difficult, but I can still function fully. By day three I am downrght sick. I feel awful, don't want to do anything, and can hardly eat because of a sick stomach from the pain. I can't think straight (so pardon this post if it sounds like rubbish) and I don't even attempt to work on my books.

I very seldom have a headache that lasts past three days, so hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow.

Now when I get migraines it's a completely different story. Migraines require PM meds and sleep from the get-go. Tim will massage my neck and head for me, but he works during the day so I don't get that until late evening.

A headache can turn into a migraine, but usually doesn't. If that happens, everyone beware.

Now that you know far too much about my head pains, I will leave you with the knowledge that I need a nice stiff drink and about 12 hours of sleep. Too bad that won't happen anytime soon. Have a good day!