Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - It ain't happenin'!

***This is an announcement from the Christie is a Mommy Emergency System! This week's Thursday Thirteen has been interrupted by the appearance of three little monsters... two of which are home from school on Spring Break. Your regularly scheduled Thursday Thirteen will return next week when Christie can again think straight long enough to concoct an appropriate list of Thursday Thirteens.***

I tell you what, each year the girls get more rowdy. They have been wild-eyed demons this week. Thank goodness that the week is almost over and the big girls will be back to school on Monday. Unfortunately, there are only like 5 more weeks before school is out for summer. Looks like I'll have to throw them outside for the summer months in order to keep any shred of my sanity. LOL!

I haven't been able to write a single word in the two books that I'm working on. I can't think straight when they are all screaming, fighting, tattle-telling, begging for something, or arguing over the tv remote. Then, of course, you must throw in the fact that for some reason the older two must really enjoy hearing the yougest squeal at the top of her lungs. Therefore, they are always doing something to her in order to get that result numerous times throughtout the day.

Too bad it's only 10am... I could use a nice shot of liqour to make it through the rest of the day. Maybe it's time for me to utilize the lock on my bedroom door so that I can hide for a while. LOL!

I hope the rest of you are having a more enjoyable week. I'll be busy tomorrow getting the brakes changed on my van, buying this year's car tags, grocery shopping, and running errands; all with three bratty girls in tow. LOL! Please wish me luck and keep your fingers crossed that I don't end up sitting in a corner, hugging my knees, while rocking and chanting, "No more. Please, no more!" :-)