Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

This has been one slow, boring week around my house. It's usually so busy and hectic, so you'd think that I'd enjoy a slow week. Nope, it appears that I get bored easily when I'm not busy. LOL.

This week's Thursday Thirteen is about links of interest that relate to me, my books, and/or my writing. :-)

13 Links You May Be Interested In:

1. A brand new interview just released on 5/14/08!
2. My MySpace Page
3. My Facebook Page
4. Book Excerpts
5. My Monthly Newsletter
6. Book Trailers
7. My Associated Content Articles
8. My EZine Articles
9. My Amazon Profile
10. My Netflix Profile
11. My author's forum at CoffeeTimeRomance
12. My few photos on DeviantArt
13. My Website :-)

That's a lot of links and no where near as many as I really have. I have many, many pages all across the net on many different types of topics. These are just my main ones.

A little update on my new laptop. I contacted customer services and found out that it will be shipped out any day now. I was hoping to have it by tomorrow, but it looks like it'll be next week instead. Luckily this weekend is suppose to be nice and we will be outside planting our vegetable garden... so I won't have time to obsess over the laptop. LOL.

The hubby and I have to head to a funeral this afternoon. One of his cousins passed away Monday morning and DH is one of the pallbearers. I have to pick the girls up early from school and DH is only working half a day. It looks like we are about to get hit by a big rain storm. Hopefully it will either end before we have to leave or wait until the funeral is over before it starts.

I hope you're having a nice Thursday. It's almost the weekend!! YAY!