Saturday, August 30, 2008

Website Updating......

If you've tried to visit my website over the last 24 hours you probably saw one of those "Page Can Not Be Displayed" pages that we all hate to run across. Well, don't worry! I'm in the process of changing my website host over to a new one and anyone who has done this knows what a pain in the ass it can be. And boy has it.

It's *suppose* to be all done tomorrow, but we'll see. If something happens and the site isn't up by Monday, don't worry cause I have an alternative way for everyone to enter my September Giveaway from right here on the blog. But, hopefully, the site will be back up before then.

I hate doing all of this at such a short amount of time before the giveaway, but my old host was about to charge my monthly fee on the 1st, so I wanted to get it cancelled and switched over to the new host before I was charged for a month's worth of service I wasn't going to be using.

Once the change is complete, there will be a brand new website for you to enjoy! Yes, yes, I know, I change the sites alllll the time. But this time it's a lot nicer, neater, and easier for me to update everytime I have something new to share. Plus it's a cheaper host than the last one. So it's all good... if it would hurry the hell up and work! LOL!

All in all, ifthe site isn't up by Monday, I'll just run the contest from here. It's no biggie to change, but I'm hoping the site is up by then.

Tomorrow I'll update about A Twilight Abduction progress! 'Til then, have a great Saturday night! :-)