Wednesday, November 5, 2008

History Made Right Before Our Eyes!

Wow! Last night marked such a historic moment for this country. Granted I slept through it, but I'm still happy and amazed. LOL! Even my older girls were excited when I woke them up this morning and informed them of the new President Elect. I told them that they were so lucky to be alive and able to see these events. Then my oldest says she hopes to be around when we get our first woman president. LOL She's truly my child!

In other news, yesterday was a terrible writing day for me. I was soooo distracted all day, and then when the big girls came home from school all they wanted to do was talk to me. Talk, talk, talk! LOL So I complained the Tim when he called me on the way home. He says he'll take care of it when he gets home. So what does he do when he gets home?? Works on the dresser he's refinishing (and doing a crappy job at, might I add)! Sheesh! Then when I get a little inspiration and start writing, he comes in and wants to work on the bedroom. GEEZ!

Hopefully today will be much better. However, if my jabbering 3 yr old is any clue, it may be just like yesterday. Blah!

Speaking of the bedroom... the make-over is going nicely. The new paint color matches the bedding set almost 100%! I'm loving it. Now if I could find a lovely black & burgundy wallpaper border to go around the top. Half of the room is done now. We need to move the bed this evening and then start on the other half. We *should* be done with paint by the weekend.

Okay, enough rambling from me. I must get to work. Dora the Explorer is about to come on, so at least Kaitlyn will be occupied for 30 minutes. LOL!!

Have a great day and enjoy this momentous day in history!