Monday, February 23, 2009

It's a new week, yet again.

Time for work again. Time to enjoy a brand new week full of the unexpected. You never know what each new day will present you with.

I'm working on the last chapters in Time For Death this week. I will be finished with the first draft by the end of the week. And yes, once I say I'll do something then you know damn well that it'll get done. Many of you know that from firsthand experience. LOL!

I just finished up today's chapter and still have an hour of writing time left before the youngest starts yelling for some mommy attention. So I thought I'd take a moment to pop in over here before I go build a block castle with her. :-)

I'm definitely ready to be finished with Time For Death. The second book in this series is already calling for my attention. Though I am attempting to kindly remind it to remember its place in the order of how things are done in my house. LOL! The poor dear is still being persistant though. Soon, my little story, soon!

Yes, Time For Death does have a sequel in the making already. It doesn't have a name yet, as I try not to title works that I'm not actively working on just yet, but I'm sure it will in the coming months.

THEN, then, yes, then... last night another book idea hit me and wouldn't let me fall asleep until I made notes about it in my notebook of ideas. Sheesh! They're always pestering me, but I do love them all. I fell asleep telling my mind to dream of Liz and NOT the new idea. Liz needs Time For Death completed so that she can continue her journey in the next one.

However, I didn't dream of Liz. Though I didn't dream about the new idea either. LOL!

Okay, time for castle-building. Have a great Monday!

Oh,wait! Before I go, my business email seems to be having problems with not getting emails through to me. I've noticed the problem over the last few days, so I have a support ticket into my service and will hopefully have it fixed soon. Until then, if you've emailed me in the last few days and haven't received a reply, feel free to resend to my Gmail account at . :-)



  1. You go girl!!!! Spill out those books!!! Your amazing!!!!

  2. LOL! Thanks sweetie. :-)

  3. My Google Alerts sounded and led me here! Appears you are soon to read my book, Seduction 101! Yay! And you're currently in the Twilight saga! Oh man, did I love those books!! Enjoy!

    Moira Reid aka Debra Moore

  4. Oops...not Seduction 101! Sunlight! Ack!

    By the way, there's a free read on my website of a book in that same series if you like Sunlight. :-)

    Have a great day!