Saturday, May 9, 2009

Saturday Evening.

Good evening all! How has your weekend progressed? I hope you're enjoying a lot of peace and quiet. Tomorrow is Mother's Day for of us moms. I hope that your kiddos make you feel as special as you are.

I can't believe that I haven't posted an entry since Thursday morning. I think I mentioned that Tim & I had an appointment Thursday afternoon that I was a bit anxious about. Well, it went better than I expected! I came home with a satisfied feeling and $400 knocked off of our monthly finances. Woohoo! With him losing his job in August, I'm doing everything I can to prepare us and our finances for that event. We will make it! Now when/if the mortgage refinance goes through soon I'll have another $300 a month knocked off. Fingers crossed! Who couldn't use $700 a month knocked off?!?

Okay, so yesterday was a typical Friday with all of my Friday errands to do. We got groceries, paid bills, ran some errands, and then came home in time to have lunch and, well, a different kind of *lunch* (smoochie, smoochie! LOL!) before I had to rush off to school to pick the big girls up.

Last night Tim decided to grill some steaks for our dinner. I absolutely LOVE it when he cooks for me! Then tonight he decided to grill salmon for us. YUM!!! Two nights in a row!!! Woohoo!

Tim's healing nicely from his vasectomy. I had to take him Thursday morning for a little re-check, ad the doctor said it all looked normal... especially with how hard he works all the time. Why is it so difficult to get that man to slow down and rest when he needs to? Sheesh!! LOL.

We've also been taking great care in getting those 12-24 *releases* taken care of before his analysis on July 24th. LOL!! In the last 7 days, we've taken care of that 6 times. Hmmm... only 6 to 18 times to go!! LMAO!!

Okay, I better go. He wants me to come sit with him and do some drinking while the grill warms up for our salmon. Yum!! Mike-aritas here I come!!