Thursday, June 18, 2009

Alex & Fiona in e-book!

Good morning! It's Thursday and the week is nearly over. Normally this would be considered one of my weekend days, but Tim had to work today. The extra money always comes in handy, but I like it when he's home. Oh well, I'll still have three days with him. :-)

I've been super busy this week. Several errands, lots of article writing, and then I worked halfof yesterday getting all of my Alex & Fiona books into e-book form. Yay! In this economy it certainly makes sense to offer more than just print and Kindle versions. So now, you can enjoy the life of Alex the vampire and Fiona, his beloved werewolf, for only $5 each!

I've posted the links to each e-book on my website on the "Books" page and in the forum under "Announcements". Stop by and check it out. You can get al three books for less than one of them in print form. What a way to save money! :-)

Today I'm going to lounge around and do some vow renewal planning. I have to email the wedding planner today, too. Tim told me yesterday, "This is going to be so much fun!" I love that he's just as excited about this as I am. Well, he should be since he's the one who asked. LOL!

Now I'm off to make some breakfast and start the day. Have a great one!

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