Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all those dads out there. I hope you're having a fabulously beautiful day with your family. :-)

This morning the girls and I made Tim breakfast. I'd given him strict instructions NOT to leave the bedroom until the girls came to get him. He did just that. We made biscuits, eggs, and sausage and as soon as it was done and his plate was put together the girls ran in screaming "HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!" LOL. Luckily he was already awake or they might have scared him half to death.

They showered him with his homemade cards, lots of hugs and kisses, and then we presented him with his grilling apron. It was a hit! He loves it. Of course, secretly he asked me why my handprints weren't in a lover position on the apron. LMAO!! My naughty mind had actually thought about that before we started the handprints, but space confinements didn't allow it to work out like that. LOL. He cracks me up.

After the morning here at home, we went to visit his parents and we all went out for lunch together.

Then back home. :-)

Right now he's out there cleaning the pool for our daily swims. When he's done we'll spend the rest of the day in the pool. For dinner we're doing a Mexican dinner. It's quick and easy so we won't have to get of the pool until we're ready to.

Too bad the weekend is almost over. With him working Thursday it just went by too quickly. Tomorrow is Monday and the start of yet another new week. Last week was all about getting my article quota written and submitted. Well, this new week will consist of getting the July newsletter ready to go, getting the July gveaway all set up and ready, and working on Time For Death edits. Oh, and I have my routine dental cleaning on Tuesday, as well.

It'll be another busy one! LOL.

Well, I hear Tim coming to tell us the pool is ready. Thankfully I already have my swimsuit on. Time to go play. Have a great Sunday all!