Friday, June 26, 2009

Woohoo! Welcome to Friday!

Good morning! And yes, it is a good morning around here. I am already having the bestest weekend. ;-)

So yesterday was Thursday and Tim was home from work. We spent most of the day here at home, just doing things around the house. My mom had plans to take the girls last night instead of tonight because she has plans for Saturday morning. So we only ran a small errand and made it home before she came for the girls.

As soon as she took the kids, our fun began! Woohoo!

Tim had been working on ribs for our dinner since Wednesday night, and the house smelled like ribs all day yesterday. However, that was just the pre-cooking. LOL.

When we were alone, we took a swim (again, clothing optional, lol.), had some playtime, drank, grilled, ate, had some more playtime, and then it was bedtime at midnight. We were passing out as soon as we were ready for sleepytime. LOL! We had a blast!

Today we'll hang-out until Mom brings the kids home, and then we'll do our Friday errands. We would do it before, but the girls want to go to the library, so we'll wait.

Oh, Tim's wanting my attention. Guess that's it for today! Next week I'll be sharing some pics from our vow renewal preparations. :-)