Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What a busy Tuesday this will be.

Good morning out there in internet world. How is everyone doing on this Tuesday morning? We're doing well, but today is going to be a busy day.

I have to head out in a little while because I have a 10am appointment for a tire rotation on the van. I figured that since I was going out anyway, I might as well do a few other errands in the same area of town. Soooo....

I've gotta put gas in the van, take some trash off, go for my tire rotation, run by JCPenney at the mall, take the middle daughter by the toy store for birthday present ideas (her birthday is the 19th), go to the bank to make a deposit, and check on the price of a new cable modem at Wal-mart. After that I'll take the kids for lunch and then back home. Eek! I'll leave out at 9am, and just HOPE that we mae it back before 2pm.

Okay, so something is irritating me a little bit. I've decided that there are just too many negative people in the world. Yep, I've always known that, but here lately it's just gotten worse, and some of these people are actually moaning at me for being so positive all the time.

Seriously though, why would anyone want to be negative all the time. Yes, we're happy, and I love my life and family, but Tim and I do have disagreements on ocassion. Some are louder than others. LOL. But why dwell on that stuff when you can happy the rest of the time? Work out the bad and more on with the good. Besides, our disagreements usually end up with a very NICE apology. ;-)

Another example: Tim's getting laid off in August, and yes it's terrible, but why cry and moan about something that's out of our control. We just make preparations and plans, while hoping for the best. It's just the close of one chapter in our life so that we can start the next one.

Life is life. You'll never be happy wishing for someone else's life. You'll never get the future that you want by jut dreaming about it. You'll never find happiness until you come to terms with the life you already have available to you. Make the best of what you have and move onto bigger and better things one step at a time.

And seriously, don't bemoan those of us who already know this, who are already happy, and who find it kind of creepy when someone tells us over and over that they wish for our life. Eek! Once is a compliment. Twice makes you feel even more grateful. But when you're told numerous times, by the same person, it starts to make you a little anxious.

I know it's hard in this economy to look at the positive, but every situation can be turned around into something better. Tim's lay-off isn't ideal, but it's not drastic either. He'll be able to drawn unemployment and I'll still bring in my income. We're prepared, planned, and taken advantage of options that we have. Things will be fine as long as we look on the bright side of things.

He has plans to do work around the house he's been putting off. He's going to improve his education. And he'll get to spend time with his family that was previously put off when he was work 50-60 hours a week. He'll get to relax and rest his overworked body. He may get called back to work, or he may find something better. Heck, for all we know I could sell my next book and have it become a bestseller bringing in enough money that he can be my househusband for years to come. LOL!

You just never know what the future holds for you. But you'll also never get anywhere by wishing for what other people have.

Lots of love to you all! Stay strong, be happy, and look for the good in your life.