Monday, August 10, 2009

A new week with new opportunities!

Good morning all! It's yet another Monday morning. What do you have planned for the new week? We don't have a whole lot of things going on this week. Tim wanted at least a week "off" to enjoy him beig laid off. We'll see how that goes.

Speaking of my honey, he doesn't seem to be doing as well as we expected with the whole being jobless thing. He seems unsure about things and the direction he wants to go. Not that I've been bothering him to take a direction. I've fully agreed that he needs a break before making any decisions, but he seems to feel that he should know everything right now. Hopefully he'll become a little more comfortable this week and stop harping on the fact that he's "never been jobless before."

On the upside, I got a new freelance writer job. Woohoo! It's another online company, but this one pays more per article and has a whole slew of topics to write on. I'll be working on the first four article for them this week and see how it goes. I could do a lot more than four, but I wanted to start out small to make sure things will work out and if I'll like writing for this company. Hopefully it'll work out nicely and I can make some good money from them to go along with my AC money and book royalties each money.

Speaking of my beloved books: Don't forget that all three of the Alex & Fiona books are now available in the e-book format, and for only $5 each! This is a savings of $32.85 + shipping over buying all three in paperback form. Add to that the fact that you're saving paper too!

Stop by the website and order your own e-book copy today.

I've heard nothing but positive comments from the readers of my books who've taken the time to contact me. However, I'd greatly appreciate feedback and ratings on Amazon for the books. Most people don't bother going to rate a book (I'm terrible at this myself too), but those ratings and positive feedback are so helpful in pulling in new readers. I'd really appreciate it, and have even made it easy by including the link to each book's Amazon page below.

A Midnight Infatuation -
A Birth at Dawn -
A Twilight Abduction -

Okay, I better get going. Not only do I have laundry to do today, but I have some errands to run and articles to work on. Thursday we have to drive an hour to Cartersville to pick up Tim's last paycheck. We're planning to take the girls fishing sometime this week, and hopefully that'll perk Tim up a bit (he loves fishing). He also has a few things on his own "honey-do" list... clean the gutters, take off the trash, weedeatig around the house, etc.

It'll be a busy week even though we don't really have any plans at all. LOL!

Have a great week.

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