Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday. More rain?

Morning all!  So how did you enjoy the snippet of Time For Death yesterday?  The comments I did receive were all great, and I appreciate them tremendously.  I didn't get any editing done on it yesterday because I discovered a place where I want to add an entirely new chapter. Therefore, editing is on hold until I get that chapter written and can adjust the storyline accordingly.  It'll work out though, as I always do this.  I always write the story, go through edits and discover a new chapter (or two), and then have to work on that before edits can proceed.  That's okay though.

I did however get two articles written and off to DS, even though the 4 year old wanted to talk my ears off most of the day.  I now know more about dental implants than I ever wanted to know.  LOL! 

Before I forget again... my oldest made it onto the Quiz Bowl team last week.  Yay!  She's so excited.  We don't know anything yet about after school practices or meetings, but we do know she's on the team.  I hope she has a great time with it.

Today I have 1 more DS article to work on for this week, and then I'll start outlining the new Time For Death chapter.  The sooner I get it written, the sooner I can get back to editing, and ultimately finish it!  Go me!  Oh, and I was asked if it is erotica.  Nope, it's not.  I don't even consider it paranormal romance (though some classify it as that).  There is definitely some sex scenes in all of my books, but the storyline isn't focused solely on the romance/love/sex of the story.  I simply classify my work as paranormal fiction and leave it at that.

As for erotica, well, I'll show you some true erotica (in my mind) when I'm finished with Promise of Darkness.  ;-)

Okay, the picture above is of my driveway trying to run away with the rain we had yesterday.  It was soooo messy, and looks like today'll be the same way.  Thank goodness I live up on a hill.  LOL!  Click here to see the full size image.

Have a great day!