Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Last day for this week

Morning all.  Welcome to Tuesday.  Today is the official end to this week.  The big girls only had two days of school this week and then five days off for Thanksgiving.  I'll get to sleep past 5:50 am for the next five days.  Yay!

Things are coming along nicely with the NaNo novel.  I won't be finished when I hit 50K words, but the storyline has picked up and I'm satisfied with it as a first draft.  Liz has had quite the turbulant life since discovering her vampire parentage.

I know this is a short entry, but Tim's off working with his dad and the youngest is eating lunch, so I must get some work done while it's quiet in the house.

I hope all of you U.S. friends and family have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.  Enjoy the time with your family, and even when they drive you completely batty, remember to be thankful that they love you.  :-)

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  1. Everyone is coming to our house this year, so I will be the one going batty. ;) You're right, we should be thankful that they love us....thanks for the advice! Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving as well!