Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thursday Thoughts #13: Welcoming a new year.

Good afternoon on this New Year's Eve!  Do you have big plans to party hard tonight?  Or will you be spending the evening curled up at home.

I'll be on the "curled up at home" side of the New Year's Eve fence.  For me, it's a night where it's safer to not be on the roads.  There will be too much drinking, and ultimately too much driving for anyone to feel safe.  Besides, I lost that partying-feeling many, many years ago.  LOL!

Welcoming in a brand spankin' new year is something that I've always enjoyed.  The prospects of the new year are exciting to contemplate.  What could happen?  What will happen?  Will this year be better than the last?  What new adventures will life take me on?

It's time to think about our future, what we want to do, how we want to change our world for the better.  Positive thinking is at its best when it's New Year's.  How can you not feel better when you're considering all the new and exciting developments to come into your life?

I'm not one for New Year's resolutions, but I do consider the plans I have for the future.  I never air them, or even write them down, but I have my own personal list of things I'll do, books I'll read, life improvements, fun ideas, and even new people I'd like to meet and introduce myself to. 

We all have something similar, even if you don't realize it.  A running list of thoughts and ideas that dash through your head at the end of a long day.  The fluttering conceptions that flicker behind your eyes right before you lose consciousness each night.  These ideas make up our lives.  Hell, these are the ideas that start off a lot of my book storylines.  They are the sparks of life that my imagination uses to build a whole new (fictional) world.

So don't look at New Year's as a day to make plans you won't follow through with.  Use this time of the year to look forward to the fun times you will have.  Look closely at your internal list of things you want to do, and how you can accomplish the tasks.  It's all about welcoming a new year and the happiness it COULD bring, if only you'll allow it to.

Each new year has the potential for greatness, we just have to know where to look for that greatness, how to cultivate the seeds of excitment, and understand that we're the only ones who can harvest our own desires.

Happy New Year, everyone!  I wish you all great happiness, prosperity, and ultimate joy in everything you do in 2010!

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