Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The last day of Christmas vacation.

Good Tuesday morning!  Today is the last day of Christmas vacation in my house.  The big girls go back to school tomorrow, and I get back to my work.  However, the weather forecast may put a kink in those plans, as it's calling for snow on Thursday and Friday.  Tomorrow may be the only day of school this week.  LOL!

Oh well, life can't stay at a standstill forever.  Spring will arrive eventually.  I hate winter, but it definitely makes me appreciate spring and summer even more.  :-)

I'm almost back to 100% after being sick.  Just a slight sniffle left today, that should be gone in another day or two.  I don't get sick often, usually only once a year, but when I do it's a rough one.  At least my one is over with now and I can get back to business.

Speaking of business, today I'll be over at DS claiming some new articles to research and write.  Then it'll be time to work on totally rewriting Time For Battle.  To put it bluntly, it sucks!  I've let it sit for a month, to stew in its own juices, to percolate in my imagination, letting my mind work through the details so that I can start from the beginning and rework everything.  I'm sure Liz will be much happier with my telling of her story after I change it up and make it readable.  And even if she's not, I'll be much happier, and that's all that matters.  LOL!

Today it's bitterly frigid outside.  The fireplace has been burning nonstop for almost a week now.  Back when it was warmer I warned Tim that there wasn't enough cut firewood to last the whole winter, but he didn't listen.  Guess what he was out doing yesterday in temperatures so low that the wind stings your lungs when you breathe in.  Yep, cutting wood!

Seriously men, when your wife tells you something like that, please listen to her.  She knows what she's talking about.  Especially when she's lived with it for years and years and years.  I told Tim that it serves him right for not listening.  Maybe one of these years he'll listen.  *Eye Roll*

All righty, I'm off for today.  Tim's got a bit of cabin fever & wants to go out later.  I'd rather stay curled up in front of my warm fire, but with the possibility of snow, I guess he better get out while he can.  Have a lovely day and stay warm!

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