Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Liz Baker revealed.

Today's blog entry is all about the heroine in my new Liz Baker series.  Before I start a new book I like to do a character interview.  It helps to decide how the main character should act, feel, their likes, dislikes, interests, etc.  Here are a few of the questions and answers from my interview with Liz.  She's quite the rambunctious one!

Name: Lizabeth May Baker (but my friends call me Liz) And yes, my mother left the E off on purpose.
Age: 32
Friends: Old best friend from school (is married/divorced with kids), fuck buddy, current best friend (too busy with her internet business), employees are friends, but still employees.
Family: Mom deceased, Father a drunken pot smoker, sister lives in Savannah, GA with her hubby and three sons.
Job: Owner and bartender of a bar in a small Georgia town. Use to be a partner in successful internet company.
Location: Tremmel Crossing, Georgia
What foods do you like? I use to really enjoy chocolate fudge. It was smooth, sweet, and just so good. But with fudge, you can't really eat a lot of it: it's just too sweet. I also love a nice shot of coconut rum. It's great when you need to get through those last few hours of working with drunks and lunatics.
Listen to Music? Music! Ah, I love music! I listen to it all the time. I have a jukebox in the bar and it's always on. If no one is feeding quarters into it, then I'm over there turning it on myself. Music is a must-have in a world as crazy as this one.
Dislikes: Nosy people, Cigarettes, Drunks, tomatoes, bad breath
What Kind of Man She Likes: Strong, flirty, easy to talk to, can make her laugh, at least one tattoo is a must (shows that they can take some pain), doesn't mind spending money on her, doesn't smoke--at least not around Liz or in her house.
What Kind of Man She Dislikes: prejudices of any kind, straight as an arrow, thinks women are possessions, thinks he's in charge, clingy, too much facial hair (that stuff is so uncomfortable to kiss), drunks, drug users.
How deadly are you? Liz knows how to fight. She has a hefty attitude that usually prevents her from actually having to land any blows. But if the need arises, Liz is right there busting heads and bruising egos.
Do you have any artistic skills to speak of? Art? No. But she makes the best pina coloda in the county!

These are just a small portion of the interview that Liz participated in.  She gets bored very quickly, so it was like pulling teeth just to get what information I did get out of her.  Maybe I'll eventually get her to agree to another one... just to see how the changes in her life after Time For Death have affected her thoughts on such things.  Even fictional characters must evolve when life gets hectic.

Here's a little something that I posted a few months back about Liz...

What Liz Would Do

  • Liz would tell someone to get out of her damn bar just for sitting on her expensive pool table.
  • Liz would have sex in a graveyard in the middle of the night.
  • Liz would wear a sexy Halloween costume out in public without caring what others thought.
  • Liz would be able to pull off that sexy Halloween costume because she doesn't give a damn what other people think.
  • Liz would tell someone to fuck off if they looked at her with even a hint of disrespect.
  • Liz would sacrifice her entire world for the people she loves.
  • Liz would happily stare at a sexy, shirtless man, letting her mind wander to naughtier things, even in the most inappropriate of moments.
  • Liz would call her cat a spoiled brat while still rubbing its tummy & enjoying its purring.
  • Liz would buy everyone in her a bar a round of drinks just because she's having a good day.
  • Liz would happily rule the world with a gentle touch, but an iron attitude when needed.
That's it for today.  I hope you enjoyed getting to know a bit about Liz.  She's definitely a fun character to work with.  She can be quite stubborn at times, but in the end she's just being herself.

Remember to pop back in tomorrow for your first glimpse at the Time For Death book cover.

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