Monday, May 3, 2010

Normality is subjective.

We woke up to wet and sogginess this morning.  It stormed all night, but has stopped at the moment.  Some may think that doesn't bode well for the new week ahead, but I'd rather have rain during the week than over the weekend.  And we did enjoy our dry weekend.  :-)

With no funerals, no book releases, no goodie giveaways, nothing special planned for this week, I'm hoping we'll be able to get back to normal around here.  However, as I tell people often, normality is subjective.  Everyone has their own "normal" and mine will have Tim going back to work tomorrow!

I have plans for this week that include a trip to the post office, lots of writing, and my regularly scheduled work-outs.  Throw in domestic chores, mommy duties, and errands, and well, my week is packed.  I enjoy a busy, productive week as long as it's within MY realm of normality.  The occasional surprise dinner invitation, trip, or gift are perfectly acceptable variations on my normal week though.

Sooo, I'm off to have some breakfast and get my day started.  Here's to everyone having their own normal week with only good surprises! 

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