Monday, July 25, 2011

Life is crazy, but oh-so-fun!

Whew! It's hectic around here. July has been filled with appointments, birthdays, parties, surprises and dealines. It's no wonder I feel like I haven't slept all month and have a nonstop headache since June ended. Yeah, I think I need to hit the thesaurus for a stronger word than hectic.

So let's see . . . In the past week I've celebrated 2 birthdays, discovered that one of our chickens laid our first egg (albeit in the wrong place), hosted a pool party, and am rushing against a deadline. Most of my days are running wel past 1 A.M. each night, an my to-do list seems to be growing instead of shrinking.

Even with all the craziness, we've had a lot of fun. The party was a blast, even though I'm glad it's over. The deadline will pay off when the new book is out there in the world for all to enjoy. The headaches and sleepless nights will subside when the kids start back to school in September and I can work during the days again. Until then, I'm dosing with Excedrin Migraine, a can of Coke and working between loads of laundry and arguments between children.

Is it September yet?