Monday, November 14, 2011

Who do I write for?

One of the hardest things for an author to realize is that not everyone will enjoy your writings. Why would anyone not like my stuff, you wonder. I worked so hard on it. It's a great story. I don't understand.

It may take a while, but there comes a point in a writer's life where you finally, ultimately, shrug your shoulders and declare that your story isn't for everyone. Just as most people have a preferred genre they enjoy reading, many people have a preferred author, writing style, age limit, etc. Your story might fit a genre, but not fit the writing style. It's a dice game. You roll the dice and see what happens.

Out of dozens, hundreds, or more positive reviews across the world, there will always be that one who downrates a book/author with rants and nitpicking. You want to shout, comment back about why the rater is ignorant, etc. But what's the best thing to do?

Ignore it!

That's right, ignore the downrater, the hater of your book. If you have numerous people who enjoy your book, and this one person hates it, then ignore them. Your story just isn't for them. You don't like everything you read, and you can't expect everyone in the world to enjoy your story.

I write for the people who enjoy my stories. My time and writing energy is spent hoping to entertain those who like my work. The people who don't like it aren't worth the time I already don't have enough of. I write for the fans who take time out of their own busy schedules to let me know how much they enjoy my books. I write for the readers who don't have time to say hello, but still manage to snag my next new release.

I love my readers and I'm always working to set up the next fun thing, the next new release, the next goodie giveaway. . . anything that will make my fans happy and let them know I appreciate each and every one of them.

If you're reading this, most likely I write for you. :)

With all that being said, I'm still working on Killer Intentions (Liz Baker, book 3) and on the ball for a December release. The cover artist is hard at work on the new cover and we're hoping to release it for all to see on December 1st. Also, my editor is on stand-by as soon as I'm ready for her. I'm thinking (hoping) I'll have the file in her hands by Thanksgiving. There will be several rounds of edits and rewrites, and then the big release day will be here!

In the meantime, be on the look out for a Black Friday sale on the first two Liz Baker books, in preparation for the big release.

Thank you to all who read and enjoy my books. I'll keep writing the just for you. :)

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