Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Just another day?

Nope! Today's my birthday. Woohoo! Today I turn the big 3-5.

I've received a lot of sweet birthday wishes across social media sites today, and with thousands of friends, fans, and followers it's simply impossible for me to respond to each and every one of them. So thank you, all of you. You're lovely sentiment makes me smile and warms my heart. :)

I'm spending this morning doing some laundry, watching a horror movie, I'll make FIL's breakfast in a bit, and then later I'm having lunch with my mommy. After that it's back into Mommy mode myself for school pick up time, homework, dinner, etc. It'll be a good day, especially if the rain holds off while I'm out and about.

I know tradition dictates people give me gifts today, but instead I'm going to give you all a birthday gift! Yep, you read that right. I'm giving you a gift today.

For today only, if your purchase one of my books in e-book form from any bookseller, I'll send you another on of my books, of your choice, for free. Just e-mail (authorchristiesilvers@gmail.com) me a copy of your purchase receipt and tell me which book you want.

Now keep in mind that I'll be in and out all day, and I'll be sending each book individually, so don't fret when the free book doesn't arrive automatically. ;)

You can find book details, purchase links, and series information on my website: http://www.christiesilvers.com .

Have a great day!