Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Upcoming Event: Undead Con & Wolf Gift Ball

A week from today I'll be on my way to New Orleans for the Undead Con and the Anne Rice Wolf Gift Ball. If you're planning to attend, it's time to get those tickets ordered. ASAP! The ARVLFC will stop taking ticket orders on October 21st, so you better jump on it if you're planning to hang with me and other authors. Order today!

I'm super excited for my first trip to New Orleans. I've always wanted to visit, but never found the time to go. Now that it's "work" I'm definitely finding the time to go.  LOL! If only everyone could enjoy their work as much as I do.  ;) 

I'll also get to meet up with my wonder friend, fan, and fellow author Robin Renee Ray... for the first time, face to face!!  I'm sure there will be far too many hugs, giggles, and loud, extreme, howling laughter. Least of all, the constant "shop talk" that always happens when two authors get together. My poor husband will be so bored (you should have seen him when I was at Book 'Em NC).  LOL!

I will be in attendance at all the events (Meet-n-Greet, Undead Con, Wolf Gift Ball) with the exception of the happenings on Sunday, October 28th. With a 9 hour drive between NOLA and home, I'll be heading out by noon in order to get home in time to pick up my kiddies and get them into their own beds before starting a new week. Thank goodness for my mommy and her willingness to take my little hellions for four days so I can have a good time.

I love you, Mom!  :D

My little sister and her husband will be going with me, so if you see them tagging along be sure to say hi. They won't know what to think about all this conference stuff, and I'm looking forward to introducing them to my author buddies.

I hope to see you in New Orleans!

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