Monday, April 27, 2015

New Series Coming Soon!

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As much as I love my Liz Baker series, I have this deep down desire to start on my next series. I've had this one on my mind for about a year now, with several handwritten paragraphs, descriptions, and characteristics of my heroine ready for my attention. Once a story idea hits me it doesn't give me any relief until I sit down and write it. This time is no different.

I haven't worked out the details or plot 100%, but I have the general gist of things. The main character is Penelope. She just so happens to be immortal. She has an annoying younger sibling who follows her around the world causing havoc by their recklessness when all Penny wants to do is lay low in between kills, but not too low because she still has to make a living. Oh, did I mention Penny is charged with killing monsters? Yeah, life is a bit complicated for this 100+ year old woman.

I'm still playing with a title, and have a few options lined up, but not satisfied enough to go ahead and name it. I'll let you know when that happens.

I'll be fleshing out more details over the next week or two, and then jumping into full on first draft writing. That usually takes me a month or two (if everything goes smoothly on the home front), and then it'll be time for several rounds of edits and rewrites before cover design and file formatting. I always get excited when we get to that point! :)

So just a heads up for anyone falling behind in the Liz Baker series: Penny and Liz *may* have a meeting sometime in this new series, and if you're behind in the Liz series you may get some spoilers. Eek! I wouldn't want you to be spoiled.  ;)

Best wishes & lots of love!

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