Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Lure of Werewolves

Copyright  © Christie Silvers
What is it about werewolves we find so intriguing? Is it that they can change forms and run in the wild, shirking their responsibilities in the human world? Or is it the total hotness of most werewolves in their human form?

Maybe it's a combination of both! Or neither.

I think some of the lure comes from the enjoyment of fear. Some people absolutely love being scared (think Halloween haunted houses), so the idea of a big, strong, scary beast excites them. Granted, we don't want to be torn to shreds by those monstrous claws, but the thought that it could happen pumps up the adrenaline.

And then you have the people who would love to become the werewolf. Strength and vitality top the list of werewolf attributes, as well as heightened senses. When you life is filled with other people making decisions for you, bosses who don't appreciate you, and even strangers annoying the piss out of you, plus all the death and disease in the world, why not become a creature stronger, more confident, and who will live longer, knowing everything that's going on around them?

What is it about this creature of the night? Would you really want to be tied into a wild rampage every time a full moon rolls around? What about the bad tempers? Sometimes it sounds a lot like massive PMS!

So tell me, all you werewolf lovers out there, what is it about these creatures that appeals to you? What do you think makes them so desirable?

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