Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Characters: Meet Penny Montague

In my newest book, you'll meet Penny (Penelope) Ann Montague. She is a 150 year old immortal who is truly sick and tired of her immortality. After the death of her son, she spends her nights as a phone sex operator in an attempt to connect with the human race, and her off time experimenting with the immortality she's so very tired of living. Her life is long and lonely, and missing her son every waking hour doesn't help.

In her past she was a member of the North American Immortal Corp, but after decades watching and listening, and even following the orders of a most corrupt and hypocritical government, she finally ended her time with the corp and moved on to civilian life.

Penny raised her adopted son from the age of two to the ripe old age of ninety-six. He had been her whole world from the moment she set eyes on his beautiful, little face. Now that he was gone, what did she have to live for?

Heartbroken and discouraged with her experiments in death, Penny doesn't know what to do next. That is, until her degenerate brother shows up in trouble... again!

Find out more about Penny and her life when the first book in this series, Devastating Sorrow, releases on March 7, 2017.