Monday, May 6, 2019


Pre-Orders are a big deal in the book world. When you pre-order an upcoming release it not only assures you will receive your copy on the big day, but it also helps us authors determine how to promote the upcoming release. A lot of times, when you order a book during its pre-order phase you get a better (lower) price as well. The pre-order phase for Death's Seduction is no different!

From now until Release Day (May 24th), you can pre-order the Kindle version of the 7th book in the Liz Baker series for only $0.99! Once the book releases the price goes up. So be sure to snag your copy ASAP and you'll have it waiting for you on your Kindle (or phone, or tablet, or computer) whenever you're ready to read it on May 24th.

You only have three weeks from today to take advantage of the pre-order deal, so I hope you'll jump on it and show your love for Liz and her gang. :)

Order Death's Seduction HERE.  :)

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