Saturday, June 20, 2020

Back to the day job!

Well, on June 8th I started back to the day job. I had been home nearly three months at that point, but I was kind of looking forward to getting back on a "regular" routine, again. I've enjoyed my time home, and all the projects the hubs and I were able to accomplish and my household is actually much better off for me being home for a while. I've been working the day job for three years now, and I do believe everyone has missed having me home and always on call for Mommy Duty during that time. And right now my daughter is all flustered with learning to care for her first baby and constantly calling/texting to ask questions. :)

With the return to the day job, I was worried I'd be behind on everything there, but (thankfully) other than the 1,000+ emails waiting on me, everything went smoothly. I was even able to come home, eat a snack, talk to the 15yr old, take a shower, and get a few hundred words written before the hubs got home from work. Woohoo! Now, that won't be how every day goes, but at least it worked out that day.

During the second week back things didn't go as smoothly. I was finally able to schedule the 15 yr old for her braces removal. They were originally supposed to come off back in March, but, well, you know. So after months of calling and leaving messages I finally got a new appointment for June 16th. That consisted of me leaving the day job early, driving 25 mins home to pick her up, and then 25 mins back to the town I work in for the orthodontist... for two days! One day for the removal and the next to fit and pick up her retainers. Whew! That made for busy, long days.

All that fun Mom stuff! LOL!

Nonetheless, we all survived and I've finally made it to the weekend. Thank goodness! Now to catch up on all the things at home: laundry, dishes, meal preps, yard work, animal care, floor cleaning, etc. 

In the meantime, here are some pictures for your enjoyment. :)

Have a great weekend!

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