Thursday, October 15, 2020

Demons, Darkness, & Dangerous Women: FREE BOOKS πŸ“š

They aren’t damsels in distress. Vampire assassins, werewolf hunters, and supernatural women just trying to make it in a modern moonlit world- these are the badass women of urban fantasy.

I've joined over a dozen other authors to share our books with all of you from October 15th through November 30th. This promo is full of books with badass, strong women as the main character. These women can handle business and keep right on going! Lots of books all about strong women living in their supernatural worlds.

Liz Baker has her moments of despair and desire, but in the end she'll always handle what needs to be handled. If you haven't already, check out Time for Death (Liz Baker, book 1) for FREE.

So many great stories to choose from. Go fill up those eReaders!

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