Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I never imagined that publicity could be such a strange creature. Publicity on my book is quite interesting. There's the stuff that I put out and the word of mouth that others are offering up. It seems like the information I put out into the world about my book is nowhere near as good as the simple word of mouth from the people who have read the book. It's very strange.

As for my day, I've gotten one article completed, colored my hair (yes it's not blonde naturally), put two auctions up on Ebay (one has already sold, YAY) and decided what my second article's topic will be. Oh, and I received an offer (a very nice one) on one of my previously submitted articles.

Now I need to clean up the livingroom (before the hubby comes home), cook dinner, feed and bath three girls, empty the dishwasher, listen to the hubby complain about work and listen to him wish the weeks away until our vacation to Tybee Island, GA in July. After all of that I MIGHT find some time to complete my second article and to watch a little television.

The life of a wife, mother, writer!