Thursday, May 31, 2007


I love writing. It entertains me, keeps me occupied, makes me think, teaches me about new things and yet I find it difficult to write when the girls are running around like wild animals. They distract me to the point that I don't even recognize what I had just written. I find it much easier to get any writing done while the toddler naps, and the big ones are outside playing, or once all three are in the bed at night. It's no wonder that I find myself tapping away on my laptop keyboard at midnight on some nights. Poor Tim likes for me to go to bed with him, but he has to trudge off to bed alone when I've had a busy day with the girls. A writer HAS to write, even if she can only do her writing late at night.

I have managed to get a decent amount of writing done on my new book today. Not as much as I would have liked to do, which may be remedied late tonight, but a decent amount. I suppose a chapter and a half is ok for a day with wild girls vying for my attention. LOL!