Friday, June 8, 2007

29 Days!

Ooohhh, I just noticed that there is only 29 more days until vacation. No more months or weeks, now it's just days away. My days are looking brighter every time I turn around. Today I'm paying off my washing machine bill (YAY for one less bill), yesterday I sold another copy of my book (always a huge plus in my day) and there are only 29 days until I'm relaxing to the sound of the ocean's waves. I love it! Life is great!

Oh and anyone who is interested will be happy to know that I knocked out chapter 4 of my new book last night. It is flowing right along and I'm thrilled with it. I didn't make it to bed last night until 12:30am, simply because I couldn't stop typing and was afraid I'd forget something if I stopped and went to bed. LOL!

It's coming right along. :-)