Thursday, June 7, 2007

A little variation.

I've suddenly realized something about this writing job/hobby/enjoyment of mine, sometimes I need a little variation. Yes, it's true, a writer needs the occassional variation on the types of writing that they do. Maybe that is why my article ideas haven't been flowing out as easily this week. Maybe I just need a small change. That's why I have so many beach themed articles lately, I was tired of the parenting articles. Now that I've done the beach ideas to death, I need something else. I suppose I'll figure something out eventually. For right now, I am occupying my time with my new book. There's nothing like going from packing for a toddler to vampires and werewolves to get your creative juices flowing again. Unfortunately, my book doesn't make me quick cash like my AC articles do.

On the upside, it is only 1 month to the day until my beach vacation. Seven days of sand and sun with my hubby and daughters (and my mom is going - can you say YAY for a built-in babysitter) will be fantastic. I plan to come back with so many pictures to share that all of my online friends will be disgusted with them. LOL! Maybe even a nice picture of myself to use on the back cover of my book? That would be nice!