Friday, June 29, 2007

Busy day that ends with a ringing phone.

My family & I had one busy, hectic day today. Our Fridays are usually busy since I save up all of my driving around tasks for this one day each week. Well, today we had new tires put on the van (we have 6 hrs of driving to do next weekend) and that took a lot longer than expected because the tire delivery truck was late arriving.

After that we had to do our grocery shopping, bill paying, library trip and all of the other Friday errands that I have to contend with each week. We left the house at 8:30am and finally made it home at 2pm. I was tired!

So about 3 hours after we arrived home my phone starts ringing. The caller id states that it's an anonymous caller. That's nothing new so I answer it. All I hear is "beep.......beep.......beep.......beep" on the other end, so I hang up. This happens about four more times until I finally decide to turn on the anonymous caller block on my vonage account. This put a stop to it.

Turns out that it was a fax machine calling. Now, I don't have a fax machine and never had owned a fax machine so why in the world would someone be trying to send me a fax? It was very annoying to say the least. So if you know me, and want to call me, you will have to make sure that you display your id or it will be blocked. If someone is wanting to send me some information, you will have to do it through my email and not by fax. I don't have a fax machine! LOL!

Good night everyone. I hope that you all rest peacefully tonight!


  1. Girl, don't you ever sleep? Well me neither, not much anyway! Thanks for your comment about Abs on my does indeed pass by so fast! Bry has a friend over staying the night, Abs is teeting and Sarah is not sleepy, lol! Got your book today, AWESOME girlfriend, AWESOME. You are such an inspiration! BIG hugs, honey!

  2. teeting? oops! teething, mama needs some sleep, NOW!