Monday, June 4, 2007

Household appliances.

Why is it that we never think about our household appliances until something is wrong with them? We just take them for granted until the day that they don't perform to our usual standards. For example, I vacuum my carpets about three times a week (I have three kids after all) and I take it for granted that my poor overworked vacuum cleaner will perform like it always does, each and every time that I plug it into the outlet.

Not today. My poor overworked vacuum cleaner decided that it didn't want to pick up anything, unless I used the extending wand. Can you just imagine me cleaning a whole livingroom carpet by only being able to use the wand? It was not fun, but the carpet HAD to get cleaned. My poor husband took it apart, cleaned everything that could possibly have been clogged, cleaned the filters and then put it all back together.......nothing! It didn't help at all. Looks like it's time for another vacuum cleaner. Gosh, I hate shopping for things like that. HATE IT!

Other than that, I had a pretty good day. I got one article submitted to AC, received a HUGE surprise from a bunch of my online girlfriends and now (at 10pm) I'm happily tapping away on my laptop keyboard with everyone in bed. Ahhhh, some peace and quiet for at least two hours, or however long I can stay away. Now if I can just tap out a chapter to my new book. There are far too many distractions online and my email is always chiming that I have a new message. Ah, well, the joys of being least online. LOL!

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