Monday, July 30, 2007

Something I wrote last night.

This is something that I wrote last night, about my youngest daughter waking up while I was working on chapter 22. :-)

"While I am sitting here, typing away on my laptop - working on my current book project - I was interrupted by the cries of my 2yr old daughter. She was yelling, "Mommy!" so I sat aside my laptop and rushed to her crib-side. She was standing up in her crib, crying for me. I picked her up and those small arms immediately wrapped tightly around my neck and she said, through her tears, "Mommy get hurt at beach! Monster bite you's foot!" (I got stung by a jellyfish on vacation) She was sooo upset that I sat down in the rocking chair and had to reassure her. I said, "Mommy is ok. Don't worry." She proceeded to say, "But you foot still has boo-boos." I told her that yes ,indeed, the foot still looked bad, but it didn't hurt anymore and that mommy was alright.

My sweet daughter hugged my neck tightly, with her little head lying on my shoulder, and slowly calmed down until I was able to put her back to bed. She fell right back to sleep with the knowledge that her mommy was just fine and she had nothing to worry about.

The love of a child is an empowering feeling. They need us more than just for food, clothing and knowledge. They love us and we are their world for a very long time. The thought of my 2yr old being so fearful of my silly foot injury, so much so that it causes her to wake from fright, just brings tears to my eyes. These aren't tears of sadness, but tears from knowing just how much she does love me.

Hug those little ones of your's and know that they do, indeed, love you more than they will ever tell you."

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