Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Almost there.

I just finished another chapter in my book. With this completed chapter I am now almost finished with the actual writing portion of the book. I will write the last chapter and probably the epilogue tomorrow night and then I'm finished!

Of course, most people will know that that's not the end of it. Writing the actual book is really only the beginning. After its completion, I will quickly move into the editing, revising, rewriting, proofreading, etc, etc, etc. portion of the book. It may take just as long to do all of that as it has taken to write the thing. LOL But, I don't mind!

Anyway, it is just after 1am so I will head to bed now. Only one more late night and I'll be ready to work during the daylight hours. My big girls head back to school next week and I'll again have the peacefulness of having only one child home all day.

Good night!

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