Monday, August 13, 2007

It's a new week.

Today is Monday, which means it's the beginning of a new week. The big girls are off to school, my toddler is entertaining herself and I've already completed my time on the treadmill for this morning. The laundry is completed and the dishwasher is empty and waiting for more dirty dishes to be added throughout the day. Best of all, it's only 9:30am!

As much as I hate early mornings (I'm NOT a morning person), I do love getting all of my house/family/personal work done before noon. That gives me the rest of the day to work on my professional editing, article writing, website updates, et cetera. But, I still hate getting up at 6am. LOL!

I am halfway through the book editing of my first draft. I get about three chapters completed per day, as long as I do it every day. I *should* be almost finished by the end of this week. That's if I stay on schedule.

Last week was a bust, with only being able to edit it for two days, because my husband's mother had heart issues and had to be rushed to the hospital last Tuesday. She was finally released yesterday and now has to stay hooked to an oxygen tank. So it was a hectic week last week with numerous hospital visits, an upset husband and overly tired children because it was also the first week of school.

We took the girls to Chuck E. Cheese's on Saturday to celebrate the first week of school and that was an all day thing. I told the hubby that it was certainly a good way to waste a whole day. LOL! But, the girls had a good time and that's all that mattered.

Ok, that's all for now. I hope that everyone has a great day and don't let the stresses of life get you down! :-)