Wednesday, August 8, 2007

It has been crazy around here.

This has been a busy, crazy week. First, my older girls started the new school year on Monday. So I had all of the first week of school running around to tend to. I've been working on editing my book all week. THEN, yesterday Tim's dad calls to let us know that Tim's mom has been taken to the hospital with congenitive heart failure. Sooooo, we've been dealing with that. She had surgery today and they cleared up three blocked arteries and hopefully that will be that.

Tomorrow is Thursday. I was suppose to have lunch with my wonderful bestest friend, but her little boy is sick and we try to never contaminate each others' kids with our child's illness. So we had to cancel lunch. :-( Looks like we will have a phone lunch date instead. LOL!

The book editing is going really well. I believe that I will be finished before my personal deadline of October 1st. Now that the big girls are back in school I've even written a few articles and I've started submitting articles to a new website. I will post the link to the new site on the right of the screen in a few minutes. I have a couple more websites that I'm checking into also. I figure that AC isn't the only business in town and I'd like to sample the others.

My Toddler Logic book sales are moving right along. I seem to have a steady flow of sales right now, so I'm hoping that it will pick up even more once the book goes Live on Amazon. Hopefully that won't be much longer.

If you haven't done it already, check out my newly updated website . You may also want to sign up for my newsletter (located on the Contact Christie page). In the future I will be sending out periodical newsletters to tell my friends about upcoming events, book updates, website updates and even special giveaways and contests. You won't want to miss out!!

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