Monday, October 22, 2007

A New Family Member!

This cute little girl is a stray puppy that has been hanging around the in-laws' house. We went for our visit today and the puppy fell in with Kaitlyn as well as she with it. The pup cried and whined when we walked away from it. We went and had lunch with the in-laws and then Tim & I discussed this cute lttle pup for a couple hours before we gave in, bought doggy supplies and went to get it. The girls are sooo happy.

People are constantly asking if Tim & I will have more children. Our answer is always no. We have three lovely daughters and we are so happy with them. I have no desire, at this moment, to have more children and my poor hubby is already covered up with female hormones in the house. LOL.

Anyway, we now have a pup to tend to. We've had dogs before, but this time I have the two older girls to help me care for it. No more relying solely on mommy for puppy duty. YAY!

This pup doesn't have a permanent name yet. The girls have gone through a whole slew of names, but nothing seems right, LOL. Right now we're trying out Maddy, but who knows what that will be changed to once the big girls get home from school today.

Oh, and before I forget, North Georgia is getting rain today! YAY! We soooo need it and MUCH more.

I hope you all have a great Monday. :-)