Monday, January 21, 2008

A forced day off...

Today I've been forced to take a day off. The girls are out of school today, which means that I won't get anything work-related done today. We spent most of the morning in our pjs, curled up in front of the fireplace. It has been sooooo cold here in GA (14 degrees this morning).

Anyway, after a hugely busy weekend, I'v been forced to take a day off today. It's not so bad though. The girls have been pretty good, aside from the occassional arguement. I ran an errand and then we came back home.

I need to clean a bathroom, a kitchen, sweep, vacuum, and mop the floors, and make sure the bedrooms are clean. But, I might wait until tomorrow. LOL!

On another topic, I'm excited to share that we found the hubby a new car Saturday. His giant, gaz-guzzling truck conked out for the very last time last Monday and I have refused to put another penny into it. So, we left out at 9am Saturday morning, left the kids with the in-laws, and refused to come home until we found him something to drive.

So, 6 hours and $1200 later, we came home with a white, 4-door, 1992 Honda Accord. Tim has never had a car (always trucks), but he is so happy with it. He gave it a tune up and put his cd player and speakers in it yesterday. This morning he headed out on his 1hr drive to work in his very first car LOL!

I'm thrilled to pieces because of the gas money we will save. His old '89, full-size, Chevy pick-up ate up $100 a week in gas. This car should run us about $40 a week. Talk about saving money! YAY! Since he works an hour away, he's on the road for 2 hrs a day. Gas prices are a big concern in our house. Luckily, they are eased a little now. :-)

Ok, that's all for today. I'm off to enjoy my girls' fighting for a little while. I may just clean that bathroom after all. LOL!