Thursday, January 24, 2008

Christie's Thursday Thirteen

It's that time of the week again. I almost missed posting this today because I've been off a day all week due to the girls being out of school Monday for MLK Day. But, at the last minute it hit me and here I am. LOL!

Thirteen Things That Make Me Smile

1. The look of a sleeping toddler.
2. My husband kissing my neck.
3. The smell of cinnamon.
4. The sound of all three of my daughters laughing & playing together.
5. A clean house that didn't require me to lift a finger (that never happens, but WOULD make me smile).
6. Listening to my MP3 player so loudly that I won't hear a sound anyone makes. That's when the hubby has to tend to the children because I can't hear them! LMAO!
7. The first copy of a new book with my name on the cover. There's nothing like that feeling.
8. When my toddler runs up to me and says, "I want to hug you!"
9. When my toddler sings along to the radio with me. It's sooo funny to hear a 3 yr old signing "Sexy Back" by Justin Timberlake.
10. The first step into a steaming, hot shower... alone! Well, maybe that's more of an AHHHH instead of a smile. LOL
11. The sensation of my fingers flying across the keyboard because a scene in my book is just flowing out of me like water from a faucet. I love that feeling and I always smile when it's over!
12. When my 11 yr old daughter comes home from school and tells me about the woes of a preteen in today's society. I laugh everytime she gets flabbergausted at something a preteen boy has done that day. It is so funny!
13. The realization that LOST comes back on tv next week!! Woohoo!

There you have it! I'll be back tomorrow with a regular post. It's been one crazy week and I just haven't had time to put my days into words. Anyway, have a nice night!