Saturday, January 26, 2008

Lazy Saturday?

Um, no! I don't know where this list of things that have to be done right this minute came from. I have all of my chores, work, errands, etc. that need to be done during the normal work week. Then, on the weekends, my husband runs me to death with errands that--according to him--he NEEDS to do right now!

For example, we woke up this morning to a toddler with stomach issues. She is in the bathroom for most of the morning and we were dealing with numerous clothing and underclothing changes because of it. Well, the hubby decides that he MUST go to Walmart. It can't wait until tomorrow, it has to be done today.

Well, thankfully the toddler's stomach issues calmed down by lunchtime and we went to Walmart & Kmart & the local mall. By that time I'm frustrated to high heaven because my ankle is hurting and the toddler is throwing a tantrum because she wants to go home. So we head home.

We get home and my mom came to pick up the big girls for a night with Nana. Now that the big girls are gone, the hubby wants to go out to dinner. Fine, as long as it's just dinner.

Nope, we finish dinner and the hubby says, "Let's go to Walmart." OH MY HELL!

I don't think I've ever shared my hatred of going to Walmart with you guys and gals. I don't really hate going to Walmart. It's just that I hate going on the weekends and evenings. When I do go, it's always early, Friday mornings when everyone is at work.

I have this thing about big crowds in Walmart. I hate being in them and I rush through the store as fast as I can just to get the things I need.

Now, my husband knows this. He knows how much I hate going to a crowded Walmart. He knew that we'd already been once today. Does that matter? Hell no! He thinks he needs something so we go.

Turns out he didn't need a damn thing. He didn't buy anything. I bought a bag of dogfood because I remembered that we were low and since we were there anyway...

So, my question to you is... what's so special about Walmart that it makes some people feel the need to go strolling the SuperCenter every chance they get?

I go in, get what I need, and get out--even when it's not crowded. I just don't understand.

Now, I'm home, the toddler is asleep, the husband is playing a PS2 game, and the older two are at my mom's house. All is quiet right now, but I'm still pissed about the no-reason errands that I had to go on today. The hubby will certainly NOT be having any fun in the bedroom tonight... not without a LOT of back massaging and possibly a little alcohol in my bloodstream. >:-(