Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Valentine's Day edition!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone. I hope that you are able to snuggle up tightly with the one you love the most. My honey is at work and I'm doctoring a sick 3yr old this morning. My little lady has picked up a nasty cold from one of her older sisters (who picked it up at school) and now she's curled up in my bed, watching cartoons and drinking hot cocoa.

I don't have any major V-Day plans for today. I will probably go by a local pizza place and order a heart-shaped pizza for dinner, but nothing other than that. We have planned a weekend getaway for next weekend, so that will be our "gift" for Valentine's Day.

Alright, let's get into the Thursday Thirteen for this week. Today the theme is...

Thirteen Things That I Love About My Man:

1. I love that, after 14 yrs, he still gets excited at the sight of me. LOL!
2. I love that he sneaks up behind me and kisses me on the neck.
3. I love that he has grown into the man I wanted him to be all those years ago.
4. I love that he goes to work everyday, even when he doesn't want to.
5. I love that he thinks of me throughout the day.
6. I love that he calls me on his way home, every day.
7. I love that he calls me his, "Sexy Mamacita", even though we don't speak a lick of Spanish. LOL!
8. I love that he can curl up with the children at any given moment.
9. I love that he & the oldest are in a contest to see who can finish a particular video game first.
10. I love that he goes out on a cold winter night and brings in firewood so that I won't have to do it the next morning.
11. I love that he sits down and shuts up when he knows I'm stressed beyond compare and just can't take another word being spoken.
12. I love that he fully admits that I am always right. LOL!
13. Lastly, I love that feeling of security that I have when he wraps his arms around me after a long, difficult day.

My husband, Tim, and I have been together for over 14 yrs and will be having our 14th wedding anniversary in April. We married at the age of 17, and were really just babies. Tim has grown into a man over these years... both mentally and physically.

Our early years were difficult (like most couples), but those passed and here we are. I wouldn't know what to do without him, especially on those stress-filled, crazy days. At the end of the day, I'm happy to see that this man is still by my side and has no plans of ever leaving it.

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you. I hope that you have someone that makes you feel the way that my Tim makes me feel.

P.S. Looking for some romance? How about checking out A Midnight Infatuation? It's filled with intrigue, passion, sex, heat, lust, and even a little blood!

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  1. Hello Christie,

    I actually have a man of my own that makes me feel very special everyday....even on my worst days...I am so glad to find others who have the same type of love and passion for there man...most of my own family doesn't....

    Have a Great Weekend,
    Your Friend,