Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy President's Day!

Well, it's Monday again. The big girls are out of school all this week for President's Day & a "Mid-Winter Break". Luckily, they were pretty good today, without many problems. Of course, tomorrow all hell may break loose. LOL!

I've been busy on book edits today, and trying to stay focused and off the computer. Sometimes the computer just calls your name like the little "You've Got Mail" chime alerts you to a new message. What is it about being connected to cyber-space at all hours of the day? I just can't disconnect when I know someone is sending me a message.

To everyone waiting on A Birth at Dawn, you'll be happy to know that this book is even closer to being released. I'm *hoping* that it will be ready for release by the end of March. So be on the look-out for a release announcement soon.

To everyone reading this, I want to share one of the newest places on the internet that ha drawn my attention away from work... LTTM!

LTTM stands for Less Than Traditional Moms. This is a Yahoo Group for all the moms out there that don't quite fit into the "traditional" mold. As a lover of vamps, werewolves, witches, and numerous other paranormal creatures, pretty much fit right into the category. LOL!

If anyone is interested in joining our little group, enjoying some good old-fashion chatting, and getting to know other interesting mothers, stop by and sign up. I'm one of the moderators, so feel free to say hi and jump right in!

Ok, I guess that's it for today. I need to disconnect and get back to work before I have to start dinner and welcome the hubby home from a hard day's work. I hope that you have a wonderful week and don't forget to sign up for my monthly newsletter (use the blue & white box on the right), as the March issue will be sent out in two weeks. :-)

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  1. Hello Christie,

    I hope soon I will be able to purchase your first book, it looks so interesting....and maybe if I am really nice to the Author..then maybe she will sign it for me...wink....

    Just want you to know that a Friend stopped by...

    Marla (Indiana)